International Call to Action

The climate catastrophe has not happened by random chance and it is not
just an environmental catastrophe happening in the arctic. Our economic
system, the way it produces goods, and the way they are transported and
finally consumed is the root of climate change.

The COP15 UN climate negotiations will not solve the climate crisis.
Stuck in an ideology of never ending economic growth, their market-based
false solutions only reinforce the interests of the most powerful
actors. Meanwhile, ecological destruction and social injustices

On December 13th we call on people all over the world to take action in
their communities, to shut down the production of climate chaos.

In Copenhagen we will target the harbour with a mass blockade. The
global shipping industry is at the heart of capitalism, a key symbol of an industrial System that is based on grow and the use of fossil fuels.

We must show that the organisation of production in our societies is the root cause of climate change and must be changed. We call on people to take similar action all over the world, interrupting the system’s ‘business as usual’ for a day.

Take action: Hit the production of climate chaos


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